Who is city spud dating

"I don't like people that bullshit me" buns [possibly offensive]: the rear end; buttocks.

That is heaping pressure on himself when it comes to directing the sequel.

"After getting kicked in the balls, his voice seemed much higher." bang (1): a very powerful thing.

"I really had a ball in Dave's ESL class." ball [offensive] (2): a testicle.

A good night and a pocket full of new money and for some reason Jackie hasn't hit him back for another date since.Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy (or Simon as he is called now) and Spud are all now middle-aged, which makes it even worse.There are many layers of irony in John Hodge's screenplay. "Dave Sperling was born in 1961, so he's considered a baby boomer." ball (1): a fun time. "I cannot be friends when you act like an ass." awesome: great and impressive. " baby boomer: a person born from the end of the Second World War until the early 1960s. "My dog barfed all over the carpet." barf (2): vomit. "My boss can be such a bitch sometimes." bitch [offensive] (2): complain. "The ESL party was fun, even though there wasn't any booze." boss: excellent; great.

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