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Instead of the ‘time slip’ genre seen in popular dramas like “W”, “Circle” will be telling two stories back to back each week without any interlacing scenes – creating the new genre called ‘double track’.

Title: Circle / Circle: Yiyeojin Doo Segye / 써클: 이어진 두 세계 Director: Min Jin Gi Writer: Kim Jin Hee, Ryu Moon Sang, Park Eun Mi, Yoo Hye Mi Network: tv N Runtime: May 22nd ~ TBA (Monday, Tuesday) # of Episodes: ~16 Language: Korean Part 1.

Most of us only know You Tube as the time-sucking portal for watching late-night lip-synching and finger-biting children, but I bet you had no idea the world's second most-popular website originally started out as a dating service.

Yep, according to co-founder Jawed Karim, before it morphed into the go-to video sharing service, it was pitched as a "new kind of dating site" with an atrociously lame tagline: Tune in, Hook Up.

Through the case, she’s introduced to Woo Jin, and together they seek out the truth behind the death. An android security officer of the Smart City Hall who partners up with detective Kim Jun Hyuk.

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tv N is launching their new drama in a risky, yet thrilling, new process.

The May 2017 drama will be set in two different time periods, without any overlap.

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