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I challenged him that if he didn’t make a profit or see any prospect that he should quit or drastically cut back on the money he wasted on it.

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It wasn’t that different from stuff I’d heard before about business but despite most of it being set in reality, there was a strangeness to the whole thing. It was an illustration of how the IBOs make money–the ‘formula’ behind the pyramid scheme. He wanted to make sure that anyone he dated could not only support his vision of being an Amway “Diamond” (Diamond is the term for the person who holds the top of the pyramid in the pyramid scheme, aka, they make the most money) but get there by “working the business” as he called it. I told him that I wouldn’t stop him from doing Amway but that I wouldn’t be an IBO; that I didn’t believe it was a good business model and I doubted seriously that it would work.

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